WordPress: Beginner Guide

What is WordPress? It’s the burning question for the beginners. WordPress is an online open source content management system, (CMS). It is a free websites creation tool that written in PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by many popular blogs, musical sites, news outlets, Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, Mashable and TechCrunch , both are the famous blog, used WordPress. The News outlets blog like – CNN’s on air personality and The New York Times’ blogs are used WordPress.

What can WordPress do?

WordPress is the outstanding platform for several websites especially for the blogger. It’s not necessary that you are a writer. You can be a programmer or businessman. You can publish your message that you want to share with everyone. The most beneficial feature is easily customization process. It also helps to meet specific needs of the blogger or website web developers.

But if you have no experience with coding, it’s not a big problem. Because, WordPress also come with rich and fair intuitive set that create content.  It automatically changes the appearance and functionality of the site.

WordPress Dashboard

In the WordPress the dashboard seems as the foundation. It offers different aspects in the long menu of the left sides and manages the sides in multiple ways. Features are customized by clicking each menu. You can easily modify each items whenever it necessary.

Site Appearance customization

WordPress dashboard helps to manage the websites behavior and websites responds to the visitors. Here, your sites comments can be enable or disable, per page post display numbers, set up structures like- tags and categories to help the visitors. You can set time and date as well as customize the structure of your sites permalink that assign unique URL for each page and post.


For WordPress development theme is the core component and it helps to choose free and premium one that gives your site right and unique looks. The default WordPress theme is visible when you select Appearance > Themes from the menu. In the directory there are lots of available. From there you need to choose a new one and active it for customization Appearance menu.

What do you need to build a website?

  • A websites domain name like – google.com
  • WordPress Hosting

Which is the best website platform?

In your website platform we recommend you self-hosted wordPress. In all over the world wordpress is the most popular platform. Among the all websites on internet it powers 28%. It’s free and thousand of website designs and extensions come from it.

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