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Min Max Quantity & Step Control for WooCommerce plugin offers to set product’s

You can set values for all products globally. The same values will apply to all products.
You can set values by category. In this case min, max, and step values will apply only to chosen categories.
Also, you can set values for each product individually. Product label values will override global and categories values.

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Working Process

How To Get Start?

Download & Install

Go to Plugins > Search > Min Max Step Control for WooCommerce install and then active

Menu in Dashaboard

WooCommerce > Min Max Step
Easily find out from your Dashboard menu

Easy to Use

Very easy to configure. And We have strong Documentation for our full plugin. Check Documentation.

Most useful Features

Exclusive & Unique Features

Global settings

Navigate to WooCommerce > Min Max Step Quantity menu to set global values. These values will apply to all products. If you choose any category here then, this global setting will only be applied to the chosen categories.

Visit the Shop page to see. All products have a minimum value of 5, a maximum value of 45, and a step value of 10. ( unless it’s overridden with TERMS or Individual Values. )

Conditions for Each Category on Cart

Our plugin lets users customize condition for cart page. where woocommerce site owner able to set condition for category. Such: category BasketA and BasketB. owner want that, if a customer order any product of BasketA, then need minimum 3 and maximum 8 product, then he can do it.

Terms wise configure

Navigate to WooCommerce > Min Max Step Quantity menu to set values by terms. Select terms and set values. You can select product category, product tag, product type, product visibility, and many more.

To set value click on plus icon. it will open a window, where you can set values.

Note that it will override the global values.

Visit the Music category. All products have a minimum value of 2, a maximum value of 10, a step value of 2. and a default value of 2 ( unless it’s overridden with Individual Values. )

Configure for each product

You can set values for each product individually. These values will override global and terms values. Visit the Product page. This product has a minimum value of 15, a maximum value of 225, a step value of 10.

Controls on each variations

With our awesome WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control plugin, you can control each Variation of a Variable Product.

Here is a variable product link.

Conditions for cart page

You can set conditions on the cart page. Navigate to WooCommerce > Min Max Step Quantity menu, you will find “CART PAGE CONDITIONS” section. From there you can set minimum/maximum price and minimum/maximum quantity to checkout.

Fractional Quantity

On a typical day, a business might take orders like 1.5ml. You can set fractional quantity for your products with the help of our plugin. 

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Add quantity box on shop page

In WooCommerce – it doesn’t have a quantity box on the archive pages by default. But you can easily add a quantity box on your WooCommerce archive pages with the help of our plugin. To active this option – Navigate to WooCommerce > Min Max Step Quantity menu, and you will find the “Archive Quantity Box” section. From there you just need to turn on the button and click on the ‘SAVE ALL’ button.

plugin intreagation

Dozens of Integration

We have integrated our plugin with the necessary plugins. By default, it supports most of the plugins. Min Max Step Control plugin provides a set of hooks that allows integration with third-party plugins, in order to use its role management interface and functions.

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