WooCommerce Product Catalog

How to Make a WooCommerce Product Catalog

Using Product Catalog to show WooCommerce product is the best way to increase sale of a Ecommerce store. But the problem a beginner face is to select the right plugin. Almost all of the plugins to create product catalog is premium. And hence they don’t have the opportunity to check whether the plugin works fine with their site environment. To overcome this problem I’d like to suggest you using a free WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin.

Is there a free WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin?

Great news for you that there is awesome plugin to make Product Catalog for your WooCommerce product. The plugin is Woo Product Table which is free on WordPress Plugin Archives. Using this plugin you can make your product catalog. Perfect for Wholesale Store, Order Form, Restaurant Menu Order Form, Online library etc.

Let’s see how to make a Product catalog with Woo Product Table.


Step 1: Installation the Plugin

First of all download Woo Product Table plugin. You Can download the plugin from here.

Note: Woo Product Table is a WooCommerce add on. So before installing Woo Product Table make sure you have installed WooCommerce on your site.

After you download the plugin install the plugin from Dashboard. For this you can navigate to Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New->Upload Plugin->Choose File

Also you can directly install Woo Product Table from you Dashboard. To install directly from Dashboard head over to Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New and from the right side search for Woo Product Table.


Woo Product Table install
Woo Product Table install


After installation activate the newly installed plugin.


Step 2: Customize your Table

The plugin is user friendly and anyone can use the plugin without any coding idea. It mainly control your table by custom post type So you can easily handle your table shortcode and configuration.


woocommerce-product table new shortcode

To customize the table navigate to Dashboard-> PRODUCT TABLE -> Add New Shortcode. Here are five different tabs to create the table. They are:

  • Column Tab
  • Basics Tab
  • Condition Tab
  • Mobile Issue Tab
  • Search Box and Filter Tab

Column Tab:

From the Column Tab select the column you want to include in your Product Catalog. To customize table navigate to Dashboard-> PRODUCT TABLE (Menu name is changed) -> Add New Shortcode -> Column.

Just tick the checkbox to include the Column in Product Catalog. You can also rename/edit the column name(see in screenshot below ->


WooCommerce Product Table Colunn Tab
WooCommerce Product Table Column Tab


Here you can change the tables column order by drag and drop option (see screenshot).

Basics Tab:

From Basics Tab you can select which category of products you’ll display in product catalog/table.

To display a Category of products in the table simply select the Category from the box named Category Include.


WooCommerce Product Table BasicsTab
WooCommerce Product Table Basics Tab


Similarly you are able to select the Tag which will be shown in table.

Conditions Tab:

From Conditions Tab you can select the Shorting Order of products as well as select the Order By.


WooCommerce Product Table Conditions Tab
WooCommerce Product Table Conditions Tab


Set the Maximum Price of product to display in the product catalog from Set Maximum Price box. Also you can set the description length of a product from Set Description Length box.

You may set how many products will be displayed in table. To do that input the value in box named Post Limit/Per Load Limit.

Mobile Issue Tab

Woo Product Table is mobile Responsive set as Default. However you can change it from Mobile Responsive box.

Besides, you can hide as many as column as you want on mobile device.


WooCommerce Product Table Mobile Issue Tab
WooCommerce Product Table Mobile Issue Tab


To hide a column on product catalog/table just tick the checkbox from Hide On Mobile Section on Mobile Issue Tab.

Search Box and Filter Tab

Only pro user are able to use this tab. From here you can add Instant Search, Advanced Search as well as add a Filter above your product table.


WooCommerce Product Table Search Box and Filter Tab
WooCommerce Product Table Search Box and Filter Tab


Step 3: Update Shortcode

After all is set up click on the button Update or Publish. Your shortcode is saved now as a post. Now you can edit and configure the shortcode anytime you want.



After clicking the publish button copy the shortcode and paste it on your page.


Step 4: Paste the Shortcode to a Page/Post

Now paste the shortcode to a new/existing Page/Post.



Step 5: Publish the Page/Post

Last of all Publish the Page/Post an click on View Page. Your Product Catalog will be like:


WooCommerce Product Catalog
WooCommerce Product Catalog


You can see the premium version of this plugin in my previous post.

However reading this article you can make a WooCommerce Product Catalog in free of cost using Woo Product Table. If you have any question beyond this article please let me know in comment section.

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