How to Make a WooCommerce Product Catalog

Using Product Catalog to show WooCommerce product is the best way to increase sale of a Ecommerce store. But the problem a beginner face is to select the right plugin. Almost all of the plugins to create product catalog is premium. And hence they don’t have the opportunity to check whether the plugin works fine with their site environment. To overcome this problem I’d like to suggest you using a free WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin.

Is there a free WooCommerce Product Catalog plugin?

Great news for you that there is awesome plugin to make Product Catalog for your WooCommerce product. The plugin is Woo Product Table which is free on WordPress Plugin Archives. Using this plugin you can make your product catalog. Perfect for Wholesale Store, Order Form, Restaurant Menu Order Form, Online library etc.

Let’s see how to make a Product catalog with Woo Product Table.


Step 1: Installation the Plugin

First of all download Woo Product Table plugin. You Can download the plugin from here.

Note: Woo Product Table is a WooCommerce add on. So before installing Woo Product Table make sure you have installed WooCommerce on your site.

After you download the plugin install the plugin from Dashboard. For this you can navigate to Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New->Upload Plugin->Choose File

Also you can directly install Woo Product Table from you Dashboard. To install directly from Dashboard head over to Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New and from the right side search for Woo Product Table.


Woo Product Table install

Woo Product Table install


After installation activate the newly installed plugin.


Step 2: Customize your Table

The plugin is user friendly and anyone can use the plugin without any coding idea. It mainly uses a shortcode generator to customize the Table.


Woo Product Table Colunn Tab

Woo Product Table Colunn Tab


To customize the table navigate to Dashboard-> WPT SHOP-> WPT SHOP. Here are five different tabs to create the table. They are:

  • Column Tab
  • Basics Tab
  • Condition Tab
  • Mobile Issue Tab
  • Search Box and Filter Tab

Column Tab:

From the Column Tab select the column you want to include in your Product Catalog. To customize table navigate to Dashboard-> WPT SHOP-> WPT SHOP-> Column.

Just tick the checkbox to include the Column in Product Catalog. You can also rename/edit the column name(see in screenshot below)


WooCommerce Product Table Colunn Tab

WooCommerce Product Table Column Tab


Here you can change the tables column order by drag and drop option (see screenshot).

Basics Tab:

From Basics Tab you can select which category of products you’ll display in product catalog/table.

To display a Category of products in the table simply select the Category from the box named Category Include.


WooCommerce Product Table BasicsTab

WooCommerce Product Table Basics Tab


Similarly you are able to select the Tag which will be shown in table.

Conditions Tab:

From Conditions Tab you can select the Shorting Order of products as well as select the Order By.


WooCommerce Product Table Conditions Tab

WooCommerce Product Table Conditions Tab


Set the Maximum Price of product to display in the product catalog from Set Maximum Price box. Also you can set the description length of a product from Set Description Length box.

You may set how many products will be displayed in table. To do that input the value in box named Post Limit/Per Load Limit.

Mobile Issue Tab

Woo Product Table is mobile Responsive set as Default. However you can change it from Mobile Responsive box.

Besides, you can hide as many as column as you want on mobile device.


WooCommerce Product Table Mobile Issue Tab

WooCommerce Product Table Mobile Issue Tab


To hide a column on product catalog/table just tick the checkbox from Hide On Mobile Section on Mobile Issue Tab.

Search Box and Filter Tab

Only pro user are able to use this tab. From here you can add Instant Search, Advanced Search as well as add a Filter above your product table.


WooCommerce Product Table Search Box and Filter Tab

WooCommerce Product Table Search Box and Filter Tab


Step 3: Generate Shortcode

After all is set up click on the button Generate Shortcode(Recommended). You will find this button at the bottom of  all the five tabs I’ve discussed above.


WooCommerce Product Table Shortcode Generate

WooCommerce Product Table Shortcode Generate


After generating shortcode copy it by right click from the the shorcode generator text-box.


Step 4: Paste the Shortcode to a Page/Post

Now paste the shortcode to a new/existing Page/Post.


Paste shortcode in a Page

Paste shortcode in a Page


Step 5: Publish the Page/Post

Last of all Publish the Page/Post an click on View Page. Your Product Catalog will be like:


WooCommerce Product Catalog

WooCommerce Product Catalog


You can see the premium version of this plugin in my previous post.

However reading this article you can make a WooCommerce Product Catalog in free of cost using Woo Product Table. If you have any question beyond this article please let me know in comment section.

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Woo Product Table Free – Features

If you run a WooCommerce store then you’ll definitely want to increase your sales rate. To reach the goal WooCommerce site owner perform some tricks. Among them using a Product Table Plugin is always considered a good decision. There’re few plugins to show your products in a table view. But almost all of them are premium version and have the chances to conflict between your remaining Theme/Plugins installed on WordPress. So how would it be if there is a null version of premium to display products as product table? Today I’ll introduce a plugin  WooCommerce Product Table Free version.

What is  WooCommerce Product Table?

In WooCommerce plugin there are some feature given as default. Such as WooCommerce products are shown in Shop page. In the Shop page each product is separately and the products take much space of your device screen. From there you can purchase a products as many as you want. But the problem arises when you want to purchase multiple products at a time.  For each product you have to Checkout individually.

A WooCommerce Product Table actually shows your WooCommerce products in a table view. By using a Product Table you can display more products more dynamically that increases the conversion rate.

Features of WooCommerce Product Table Free

WooCommerce Product Table Free is the free version plugin of Woo Product Table Pro(Bestselling WooCommerce Product Table Plugin on CodeCanyon). Though it’s a free version you can do a lots of stuff with this awesome plugin. Some notable features of this plugin are listed below.

  • WooCommerce Products as Table
  • Customize each Table differently
  • One Click Shortcode Generator
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Select Column with CheckBox to make your Table
  • Drag and Drop Feature to arrange Tables Column Position
  • Table Header Customizable
  • Enable/Disable Ajax action
  • Product Variation Supported in Table
  • Mini Cart available above Table
  • Thumbs Image LightBox
  • Display Ratings of Individual Products
  • Show Products Selected Category/Tag
  • Display Products by Min/Max price
  • Set Post limit
  • Load More Button
  • Well Commented Code

Let’s have a look some features in brief.


WooCommerce Products as Table

Woo Product Table is a plugin that displays some of your WooCommerce Products/All Products in a table view.


WooCommerce Product Table Free

WooCommerce Product Table Free


Fully Mobile Responsive

Worries for responsiveness on smaller screen? Great news for you that Woo Product Table is mobile responsive.

Also you can hide some columns on mobile device.


Responsive Table

Responsive Table


Customize each Table Differently

Using WooCommerce Product Table you can customize each table differently.


One Click Shortcode Generator

The most important feature of this plugin is a Shortcode Generator. This plugin comes with a Shortcode Generator customizing which needs no programming idea. So if you’re a beginner or have little knowledge on programming, you’re gonna love this plugin.


Select Column with CheckBox to make your Table

In WooCommerce Product Table plugin you need no coding. Just Tick the Checkboxes that you want to include in your table.

Table Header Customizable

Suppose you want to customize Table Header in your local language. Then it’s a good news that you can customize all the Table Header in Product Table.

Enable/Disable Ajax action

In WooCommerce when a customer purchase a product default system redirect user to the Checkout page. If a customer purchase multiple products he has to checkout each time differently. Isn’t that tedious?

WooCommerce Product Table plugin will get rid you from this tedious process. When you click on Add To Cart the product is added to Cart by Ajax Action that’s need no page reload. You can add multiple products one by one and Checkout only once for all products at a time.

Product Variation Supported in Table

You may have a product of different variation like color or size, then you can show all the variation in the product table.

Related article: How to Create Product Variation in WooCommerce Product Table

Mini Cart available above Table

There is a Mini Cart above the table which shows the info how many products have you put in the cart and their respective price.


Mini Cart In WooCommerce Product Table

Mini Cart In WooCommerce Product Table


Thumbs Image LightBox

Thumbs image LightBox is already added in this plugin. So you needn’t additional plugin to add the feature.


Show Products of Selected Category/Tag

You can select which category/Tag related product to be shown in the table. So it’s easy to organize your table to show products of specie one or more Category and Tag.


Products of Selected Category

Products of Selected Category


You can also show multiple Category of products  to show in the table. For this select the Categories you want to show in the table .


Display Products by Max price

If you want to display products between a price range you can do that easily. Woo Product Table Free allows user to show products below a maximum price range.

You can see the Premium version of WooCommerce Product Table Free at Woo Product Table Pro.

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How to create Product Variation in WooCommerce

What is Product Variation?

In WooCommerce a product may have some variations like color, size, style or anything that you may need to specify. In that case we use product variations to show the variations in product.
Now let’s see how to add product variations.


Step 1: Set product type

From Dashboard navigate to Dashboard->Product->Add New (or Edit for an existing one) and in the text-box type the product name.

add product

Add product

Head over to Product data and from the box select Variable Product.

variable product

Set variable product

Step 2: Add Attributes

Now head over to attributes tab and click Add.

save attributes

Add attributes

Then type the attribute name and give the value in text-field. Separate each value with “|”.

Save arrributes

Save attributes

Add more attributes in this way like size or style and click on Save Attributes.

Step 3: Create variation from Attributes

Now click on Variation and from Add Variation text-box select Create variations from all attributes. If you input only one attributes then select that from Add variation text-box. Finally click on Go.

Create variation from Attributes

Create variation from Attributes

Step 4: Select images for product variations

Now click on expand variation.

expand variation

Expand variation

Then click on upload image icon. Head over to Upload files->Select Files and here select the images for product variations. Finally click Set Variation Image.

upload variation image

Upload variation image

You will be given a number of variation. Set the variation images for all the individual variation.

Add product image

Click on Set product image and select anyone from the uploaded images for this product variation.

Step 5: Set Regular Price

Now from the Add Variation text-box select Set regular prices and click go.

Set regular price

Set regular price

Set the value for regular price and click OK.

Enter price value

Enter price value

Select the SKU for each product in ordinal number one by one. Tick the checkbox of Manage Stock and input the number of products available in Stock Quantity.

Manage SKU and stock

Manage SKU and stock

Select Category

Now select the category. click on +Add new category and input the name in the text-box and click Add new category.

select category

Select category

Select Tag

Also create the Product Tag. Input in the Product Tag name in the text-area and click Add.

product tag

Select tag

Finally publish the page. Click on View Page. Your product page may look like this.


View product

If you use Woo Product Table Pro plugin your products in the table may look like.



Some other feature of this plugin:

  • WooCommerce Products as Table
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Mini Cart in Each Table
  • One Click Shortcode Generator
  • Select Column with Checkbox To Make Your Table
  • Enable/Disable Ajax Action
  • Quick Buy Option
  • Custom Fields Supports column in Table
  • Best Customer Support

I hope you’ve got the task adding  product variation in WooCommerce. Using product table plugin you can show your WooCommerce products in a table view. You can visit to see how does Woo Product Table Pro works.

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WooCommerce Filter for Product Table: Adding and Customizing

This is a complete guide about adding and customizing WooCommerce Filter for Product Table.


What is filter in WooCommerce?

Actually filter in WooCommerce is the feature that enable a dropdown to filter your products. The procedure are performed with Ajax that needs no page reload.

So filtering helps to find the desired products more specifically that saves the valuable time of your customer. As a result sells increases with conversion rate.

Why should I use?

Few days back I just need to buy a pair of shoes. So I had look into a Ecommerce site who are famous for exporting worldwide brand shoes, slippers and some other accessories. They have thousands of products in their store which assigned different categories.

I wanted to purchase a pair of casual shoe of size 9 in Black. But unfortunately there was no functionality for filtering product for size. For this I’ve to switch to another site as I was then in a little hurry.

Now let’s see how to add Filter in WooCommerce Product Table.

In this guide I’ve used Woo Product Table pro (the bestselling Product table of CoeCanyon) to use Filter in Product Table. Good news is that you can add filter to product table in three ways. There are:

  • Default filter in Woo Product Table
  • Add Filter by Custom Taxonomy
  • Filter by Custom Fields


Default Filter in Woo Product Table


Now we’ll add WooCommerce Filter for Product Table which is given default. First make a product table. To do navigate to Dashboard->Product Table->Product Table.

Now customize your table by shorcode generator and generate shortcode. Copy the shortcode and paste in a new page.

If you don’t know about using Woo Product Table, please follow  How to Make a WooCommerce Product Table Using Woo Product Table Pro

Let’s have a look how is the product table before using Filter.


Before filter

Before filter


Now we’ll add a filter to the table.

To add filter navigate to Dashboard->Product Table->Product Table and customize shortcode. Go to Search Box And Filter Tab and in Mini Filter box choose Filter Show(Default).


active filter

Active filter in shortcode


Now generate shortcode and paste it to a page or post where you want to show the filter.


Default filter in shortcode

Default filter in shortcode


Here I’ve taken a new page named Filter and pasted the previously copied shortcode in text area. Now publish the page and click on view page.


After selecting filter

After selecting filter


On the top of the table there is a WooCommerce Filter for Product Table by which you can filter your products in Category and Tag.


Add Filter by Custom Taxonomy

There is a good news that you can add WooCommerce Filter for Product Table  by custom taxonomy. Following the five steps given below you can do that very easily.

Step 1: Installation plugin

To add filter by custom taxonomy we need to install an additional plugin to create custom taxonomy. There are some plugins in wordpress to do that. I’ve used  Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK.

Navigate to Dashboard->Plugins->Add New search for  Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK.


wck plugin installation

Custom field plugin


Install and activate the plugin.


Step 2: Create Custom Taxonomy

Go to Dashboard->WCK->Taxonomy Creator

Select the name of the taxonomy (must not contain capital letters or spaces), Singular Label and plural Label. Then choose Attach to Page/Post/Product.

Here I’ve chosen product as I’ll show it for product. Select Hierarchical True and click on Add Entry.


create taxonomy for filter

Create custom taxonomy


To see more on using Custom Taxonomy please see Custom Taxonomy in WooCommerce


Step 3: Add Taxonomy to Products

Now Navigate to Dashboard->Products->All Products and edit the products you want to do.

At the right sidebar you’ll get the taxonomy what you have created before.

add taxonomy to product

Add taxonomy to product


Click on Add New(Taxonomy Name) and input the value. Then click on on Add New (Taxonomy Name) button.


Step 4: Customize in Shortcode Generator

Now navigate to Dashboard->Product Table->Product Table->Search Box And Filter.

In Taxonomy Keywords for Filter (Separate with comma[,]) type your taxonomy name. In the box there is color and size for taxonomy that we created in taxonomy creator and product_cat and product_tag for default taxonomy in Product Table Plugin.

Remember here, each taxonomy must be separated with comma.


add category tag in filter for product table

Customize in Shortcode Generator for Custom Taxonomy


In the given screenshot color and size are for custom taxonomy. The rest of two are for WordPress default Taxonomy Category and Tag.

Step 5: Use the Shortcode

Generate shortcode and paste to a page/post and publish it. Go go View Page to look the change.


add all filter in product table

Custom taxonomy in filter

So in table shown above you can see a WooCommerce Filter for Product Table.


Custom Taxonomy in Back End

You can also skip step 4 if you want to use customized shortcode in the page directly.

To do that go to your desired page/post and type the code below



Change color and size beyond your custom taxonomy.


Filter from Custom Field

There is a great news that in WooCommerce Product Table plugin you can use Custom Fields. You can use Advanced Custom Fields with this WooCommerce Filter for Product Table to show extra product data.

With the comparability of Custom Field it can be used to Filter products. Isn’t that awesome.

When there are too many products in product table to find the exact desired one, customer can find by Filtering products from table.

You can make a WooCommerce Filter for Product Table in easy three steps.


Step 1: Install and Configure Advanced Custom Fields

Install and activate Advanced Custom Fields plugin from WordPress Plugins root directory.



There are some customization needed to use Advance Custom Field.

To know about creating and customizing Custom Field please see How to Use Custom Field in WooCommerce Product Table Pro.


Step 2: Customize the Shortcode

Now in the desired page add cf_brand, just following to product_title in the column_keyword’s inverted comma(“”)


input column header


Note: 1. You can change the order of position of cf_brand  upon your demand.

2. Before I created a custom field named brand. So here I have used brand. Try your own.

Now type Brand, after Product Title in column-title’s inverted comma (“”) section as I’ve shown below.


input column title


Step 3: View the Table

Then update the page and from the top of the page click on view page.

Then there will be a additional column say Brand. And the Product table may look like after adding the custom field:


Custom Field in product table

Custom Field in product table


So here an extra column has appeared than before named Brand. I hope you’ve got it customizing WooCommerce Filter for Product Table.

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WooCommerce Product Table : Boost Your Sale

You won’t believe how dramatically your sale will increase, if you don’t use WooCommerce Product Table in your WooCommerce store to show your products. All of our clients have highly praised for this plugin for its usability and features. Their sell have increased after using Woo Product Table.

Using Woo Product Table Pro Plugin you’ll be able to show your WooCommerce products in a shortable table view. You can display your products in the table  by Category, Tag, Price etc also you can Search or Filter your WooCommerce products by Custom Fields or Taxonomy.

11 notable awesome feature that your WooCommerce site should have to increase conversion rate and Boost Sell.

  1. Fully Mobile Responsive

  2. WooCommerce Products as Table

  3. Quick Buy Option

  4. One Click Multi-Purchase

  5. Ajax Add to Cart

  6. Quote Request

  7. Quick View

  8. Instant Search

  9. Advance Search Box

  10. Mini Filtering Option

  11. Custom message send for Each product

11 feature of this plugin, that you need to customize your product table easily and display the products exactly how your customer want to see.

  1. One Click Shortcode Generator

  2. Select Column with Checkbox To Make Your Table

  3. Drag and drop feature to arrange tables column position

  4. Compatible with WCK

  5. Custom Taxonomy Support as column in Table

  6. Custom Fields Support as column in Table

  7. Product Variation Supported in Table

  8. Customizable Each Table Differently

  9. Compatible with YITH

  10. All Message Customizable

  11. Best Customer Support

When should I use WooCommerce Product Table?

Many of our clients are using this plugin for their

  • Wholesale store
  • Departmental Store
  • Restaurant Order Form
  • Product Catalog
  • Stationary Shop

Today I’m going to show how to create a WooCommerce Product Table using Woo Product Table Pro as well as explains how to increase your sale.

Table of contents:

  1. Getting started with Woo Product Table
  2. Different Layouts of Product Table
  3. Custom Field in Product Table
  4. Custom Taxonomy in Product Table
  5. YITH Wish List and Request a Quote
  6. Advanced Search and Instant Search
  7. Filter Products from table

1. Getting started with Woo Product Table

In three steps I’m going to show you how to create this amazing Product Table. The main advantage of this plugin for beginner is you need not ABC of coding. Just select the options you want to show in your product table and generate shortcode. Copy the shortcode and paste to a page or post. Isn’t that very simple?

Step 1: Install the WPT Pro plugin

As a WooCommerce add-ons  plugin first be sure to install and activate WooCommerce on your site. Then install Woo Product Table pro plugin and from Dashboard’s plugin section activate it.

Step 2: Configure your Table

After activating the plugin navigate to Dashboard>Product Table>Product Table.

Here you will see a Shortcode Generator panel to configure your desired table. There are five different tabs to customize your table. I’m describing in short about those tabs.

Column Tab

In the column tab chose your preferred table header what you are going to show your visitors also you can rename your table header upon your language.


Shorcode generator Column tab of Woo Product Table Pro

Shorcode generator Column tab of Woo Product Table Pro


There are several rows, each of them consists of three different columns in the Column tab.

  • The first one is Drag and Drop option to arrange the table’s header column.
  • The second one is several Input Text Field Option to Set/Rename the tables header name.
  • From the last column tick the Checkbox to include the item in the table.

To select a Column including in your table just tick the Checkbox. For example, if you want to show Thumbnails and Product Title in your Product Table just tick the respected checkbox as I’ve shown below screenshot.


select thumbnails and product title in table

Select Thumbnails and Product title in table


You can also customize the table header. To do it, click on the input text field. There are some table header set as default. Click on which you want to customize/rename.

Suppose you want to change Category and set as Class. Then click on the field named Category and rename it as Class.


rename categories to class

Rename Categories to Class


Basics Tab

Now go to Basics tab. There are lot of options to configure your Product Table. If you want to include a category or some categories in your table click on the box named Category Includes. Then select those categories which you want to include in your table.


Shorcode generator Basics tab of Woo Product Table Pro

Shorcode generator Basics tab of Woo Product Table Pro


Similarly you can select the category to exclude from the table by selecting it from Category Exclude.

If you want to hide a product from Product Table input the product id in Product ID Exclude. Separate with comma (,) if have more than one.

Ajax action is set as default in Woo Product Table pro. When enable, your products will be added in a Mini-Cart above the table and it needs no page reload.

However you can change it if you want to redirect to product page when user click on Add to Cart button from the table .

When a customer buy a product it is dropped in a Mini-Cart that is shown above your Product Table. You can set it below the table or hide it from Mini Cart Position .

Bored of default Tables Template? Change it from Select template option. In Woo Product Table pro there are different six template. Select anyone from them. If nothing is select default template will be applicable.

There are also  many more customization in Basics Tab to Edit/Rename the default text. You can check it yourself.

Conditions Tab

In conditions tab you may set conditions how product will be shown in table.


Conditions Tab of Woo Product Table Pro

Conditions Tab of Woo Product Table Pro


To select sorting/order click the box named Sorting/Order and choose it Ascending/Descending or Random.

Set the minimum price from Set Minimum Price box and set maximum price from Set Maximum Price box.

If you want to set the products description length, set it from Description Type box.

In Woo Product Table Pro only stock product is set as default. So only stock product will be shown in table. But if you want to show all product in Product Table just select All Product from Only Stock Product text-box.

You can choose how may product to be shown in product table. Just input the number  in Post Limit/Per Load Limit option.

If you have more product than you input in Post Limit option, don’t worry. There is a load more button to load more product.

Mobile Issue Tab

Responsive Product table in mobile device

Responsive Product table in mobile device


WPT pro is set as default Responsive. However, if you want to change responsiveness navigate to Mobile Issues tab and choose No-Responsive from Mobile Responsive option.

You may also hide some info in mobile device. To do it check the checkbox like the picture shown below.


Mobile Responsiveness Column

Mobile Responsiveness Column


Search Box And Filter

If you want a Advanced Search option above your table it is set as default. To remove the feature just go to Search Box And Filter tab and choose “No Search Box” from Advance Search Box.


Advance Search Box in Product Table

Advance Search Box in Product Table


Step 3: Publish the Table

After all is setup click on Generate Shortcode, copy that from text-box and paste in your desired page/post.

You’ll find shortcode generator below all five tabs that I described above.


Shortcode generator of WooCommerce Product Table

Shortcode generator


Now publish the page/post. You’re Done.
Your Product Table will be like


Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro


2. Different Layouts of Product Table

There are 6 predefined Table Template. You can set your each table differently. So choose your best one among the given 6 template.

Smart Thin Template

The Smart Thin Template with advance search box and filter.


Blue Style Template

Your product table looks dynamic in Blue Template.


Blue Style Template

Blue Style Template


Beautiful  Blacky Template

Blacky Template is smart choice of tables template.


Green Style Template

Green Template is a amazing template that catches attraction of user.


Default Template

If you doesn’t select any template for your table then default template will be applicable.


Default Template

Default Template


Template None

Template None is the table where there is no styling from WooCommerce Product Table Plugin. As a result the styling of this table get from the theme activated in your WordPress site.


Template None

Template None


3. Custom Field in Product Table

There is a good news for you that you can use Custom Field in Woo Product Table Pro. To use custom fields in your product table install and active Advanced Custom Fields.


Custom Field in product table

Custom Field in product table


Here I’ve added brand name as Custom Field. If you don’t know how to create and use custom field then follow
How To Add Custom Fields In WooComerce Product Table.

4. Custom Taxonomy in Product Table

Suppose you want to display extra information about the product in the table then you can use  Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK.

In the screenshot below I’ve created a custom taxonomy named color to display the color of the product. You create your desired ones upon your demand.


color in product table

Color in product table


Please follow How to use Custom Taxonomy in WooCommerce to know more about creating and customizing Custom Taxonomy.

5. YITH Wish List and Request a Quote

This plugin is also compatible with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist. So you can make a wish list for your desired product.


YITH WishList and Quote Request

YITH Wish List and Quote Request


In the same time you can request a quote for your selected product. That means you can add extra message after browsing to the Quote List page.


Quote Request messege

Quote Request message


6. Advanced Search and Instant Search

Advanced Search

Woo Product Table Pro allows Advanced Search. For this customer can search any products within your website. Also they can search products through custom taxonomy.

Advance Search option help potential user to find desired product in a short time. For this they will use your site very frequent. As a result sell increases.


advanced search

Advanced Search


If you don’t know about advanced search see Search Product in Product Table

Instant Search

Suppose you have loaded a table of about 250 products. Potential customer may be bored of finding their desired product.

What if there is a filter option to filter from those product. Yes Woo Product Table Pro have the feature to filter among the loaded products by Product Title/Category/Tag.


Instant Search

Instant Search


See Search Product in Product Table to know  in details about how search option works in WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

7. Filter Products from table

Sometimes customer may wants to see products by specific Category/Tag/any Custom Taxonomy. This specially works when you run a wholesale store or customer wants to buy a specific types of product.



So in the shown picture above you can filter your product by Category/Tag/Color/Size.

If you want to know more details about Filter see  WooCommerce Filter for Product Table: Adding and Customizing.

Therefore, by WooCommerce Product Table plugin customer finds their products easily in a short time. Also you can show your product information more dynamically.

Besides, this plugin take less time to load page than any other WooCommerce Product Table plugin. So customer doesn’t get bored of page loading. They visit frequently whenever they need to purchase. As a result sell increases.

Try the free version plugin of WooCommerce Product Table Pro from WordPress