11 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website

11 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Creating a website is not a so hard at all today. There are more opensource resources now then before ever it was. one can easily make his website using a CMS without having programming idea. WordPress is one of the most favorite CMS nowadays. Its huge amount Themes and Plugins make it easier to to create a website. But, picking the right themes or plugin may be tricky for the first time. So, today I’ll let you know about the 11 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website.

Here are many types of website nowadays. According to the type of a website, some different types of plugin you may need to use. But, there are some common necessary plugins that a blogger/website owner should use for the growth of their website.

There are plugins both free and paid for WordPress site. In this article, I’m going to show you some free plugin that are really useful for the growth of your business.

What are the 11 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins?

Actually there are thousands of plugins over the air. Picking some of them and call to be the best plugin seems insane. Then what’s the key to make a list of best plugin?

In this article, I’ve made the rank upon on the functionality and user reviews.


1. Jetpack by WordPress




Jetpack is one of the most favorite WordPress plugin for multitask. From creating and customizing your site you can do almost everything by Jetpack.

Using jetpack you can use lots of stuff in a single plugin. With this plugin you can easily create your site as it comes with a variety of themes.

Again, if you want do create your site SEO friendly then jetpack provide you some SEO optimized feature. For instance, you can optimized your image to load faster. You can use site stats and analytics as well as spam filtering with this single plugin. I’ve made a key features provided by jetpack.

Key Features of Jetpack

  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress
  • Lazy Load image in WordPress
  • Hundreds of professional themes
  • Site stats and analytics
  • SEO tools for social media
  • Advertising program for various platform
  • Spam filtering



2. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO


The most popular SEO plugin for WordPress website. If you want to rank your site in google than, there is no similar alternative to Yoast SEO plugin. Also I’m using this awesome plugin for CodeAstrology.

Yoast SEO is the best plugin to analysis the content of your site. It’s Readability Analysis and Focus Keyphrase section helps to keep the On Page SEO standard. Again there is a Meta box that helps to set your sites Meta info.

In the free version, you can also see the Search Console reports connecting to Google Search Console.


3. Akismet Anti-Spam


Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam


Akismet is mainly a spam filtering service for your site. Specially when you runs a blog or have a site that have spam comments. This is the best free tools to filter spam comments on your site.

Akismet check every comments on your site and filters out the ones that look like spam. When a comment is marked spam by akismet then the comment is filtered to spam section.



4. Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7


Are you looking for a contact form for your business website? Then I’ll recommend using Contact Form 7. It have more than 5M active installation.

It’s user friendly, ease to use and its notable features is much better than other paid plugin for contact form. You can create a contact form in a short time using this free plugin. Besides, you can use text, textarea, number, mail, checkbox, recaptcha and some other stuff with Contact Form 7.



5. MonsterInsights




Are you looking for a plugin to see the analytics of your site? Then MonsterInsights plugin will be the best for that action. It’s a free tool to use your google analytics data.

MonsterInsights track all the data from your WordPress site and let you show directly from your WordPress Dashboard. For this you can analyze your site without leaving your WordPress site.



6. WooCommerce





If you have a Ecommerce site than you might have heared about WooCommerce. It is the best plugin for Ecommerce site. With 4M+ active installation WooCommerce is being used by some popular site. You can see the list in webdev.
With this plugin you can create your Ecommerce site more actionable. You will be able to sell anything from anywhere. It supports product variation as well as you can sell your affiliate products with this free plugin. WooCommerec has a premium version also. If you want some advanced feature you can switch to premium version.

Notable Feature:

  • Support Product Variations
  • Sale Affiliate Products
  • Products Import & Export
  • Shipping options and Shipping rate



7. Woo Product Table


Woo Product Table

Woo Product Table


Are you looking for ways to increase sells of your WooCommerce site? Definitely Woo Product Table plugin is made for you. This plugin increase the conversion rate of your WooCommerce site.

Woo Product Table shows your WooCommerce product in a table view that uses a responsive layout. Besides, you can customize your each table differently. Also you can customize your table that assigns products for selected category.

The most important part is the multiple checkbox. Customer can select multiple product through checkbox and checkout once for all the selected items. To know more view Woo Product Table Free – Features
What have in this plugin?

  • Shortcode generator to create table
  • Responsive layout
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Multiple purchase by Checkbox
  • Customize each table differently


8. W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache


If you want to rank your site to google then it need to faster. Since speed is an important issue for SEO than you should speed up your site.

W3 Total Cache plugin is optimized to speed up your website. Actually it make a cached version of your website into visitors browser. For this, when they switch to another page of your website it takes less time to load the page. Compatible with shared hosting and supports for mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Transparent CDN management
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages  support
  • Supports caching of feeds
  • Minification of posts and pages and feeds



9. Google XML Sitemaps


Google XML Sitemaps

Do you want to rank your site in SERP like Google, Bing or Yahoo? For this your need to be indexed to search engine.

Actually search engine crawls to different pages to your sites. Since there are millions of website and increasing day sometimes it takes time to crawl your page. But if you have a sitemap of your site than it becomes easier to crawl your site and understand what your site about. This plugin supports all types pages created by WordPress. Meanwhile it notify the major search engine when you create a new Post.



10. Elementor Page Builder


Elementor Page Builder

Do you want to create your site more dynamic? But can’t find an easy way to create your site? Then Elementor Page Builder plugin is for you. You can create eye catching website without knowing coding since it has a drag and drop feature.

Elementor Page Builder is a live page builder that helps you creating high-end pages. It has Custom fonts, Blog post layout widget and many other feature totally free. If you want advanced feature you can switch to pro version.



11. WP Clone by WP Academy


Wp Clone

Wp Clone


If you don’t have a backup of your WordPress site, take a backup of your site. Wp Clone is a one click cloning plugin. So, if you are a beginner this is best suit for you.

With this plugin you can take a backup of your site and restore later with a single click. You can move your site from localhost to Live site as well ass the reverse. To use this plugin you need not subscribe any account. You can also like to read How to Clone WordPress with Wp Clone in a Single Click.


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This is all for now. I hope, some plugins from the list 11 must have free WordPress Plugins will be best suit for your business. If you have any favorite plugin share it with us in the comment section.