Design and Innovation – Google Search Engine

Today business organizations are facing high business competition for changing pattern of market, demand of the customers, and high industrialization. For copying with this environment the business organizations are focusing mainly on design and innovation. The innovation is always attractive for the people. Innovation is the way of driving new idea, methods or procedure. Innovation is providing solution in a certain problem.

Google Web Search

Google search popular as Google Web Search is a service provided by the Google Inc. Google web search has changed gradually for meeting the demand of the markets and the demand of the respective customers. As Google web search has changed according to the needs and demand of the customers so this service of the goggle Inc. has taken for analysing in this assignment. Majority of the customers of others competitors  such as Yahoo, Yandex, bing, ask, Aol etc. has switched to Google  web search for its exciting features and its different services. At first Google search only provided searching facility but gradually service area of Google search  have been extend to others area like image search, person finder, books search, video search etc. So we can say that Google search is an innovative service offered by the company which has gained larger market than its competitors by its innovative feature.


  • Google web search is response instantly and it is providing information in the real time of typing that means search result is updated with each character.
  • By using Google web search people can search everything in the specific region and country . Now Google is available in 123 languages it just needed domain country code.
  • Google web search is the rich web search media that are including WebKit recently in the browser of Apple’s Safari by this Google is browse in the Android platform.
  • Star rating is a new feature of Google that are rating the search result.
  • From 2007 Google is lunched universally by linking with different websites.

The Uniqueness of design of Google Web Search

The Google is popular for its unique design logo and web page design for Web search. Its unique web designs it increasing its visitors and increases the demand of the client every day. The uniqueness of design and color of Google is giving below-

  • The logo changing is unique and interesting for Google. The Google is innovating new logo on the basis of current situation and it is totally represent the special day or concept like- Mother’s day, holiday, independent day and so on. Google has more than 300expert designers who work every day for innovation the unique logo design.
  • Google Web Search is now configuring for the mobile by using the Bing’s too. It uses same size, layout for CSS3 for user device. Google is only support same URLs and HTTP is header for Google bot. If the website has different HTML Google is not support it.
  • Google use various color for logo. The unique color range is making it more powerful and attractive. The Color variation is the main focusing point of Google design. The Google is choosing the colors that are symbol of joy and create cheer among the visitors.
  • The lighting fixtures of the Google are making them very unique and the simplicity is the main power of their web page design. Their webpage is simple but represent the modern style for visitors.
  • Google is using same web design weather it is mobile or desktop interface that helps them increasing their brand value.

Design and innovation is needed everywhere. No matter it is service or manufacturing industry. Google is the leading brand which creates their market by providing unique service and design of web page. The innovation is necessary for every organization weather it is small or large. The innovation is making the organization more reliable to the international market. The innovative feature of the Google is popular them to all over the world. The Google is providing a frequent service that helps them to create their brand appeal.

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