How to Become an Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology | The Complete Guide

affiliate market code astrology

If you want to be a contributor to our affiliate community, then you must go through an application form. We have created this tutorial so that you can have a complete idea about the overall application process. It is very simple, just read this article with full attention and you will be an affiliate marketer for us in no time. 

Once you arrive at the official website of Code Astrology, go to the affiliate area. To create a new affiliate account, you need to register first. For registration, enter the following credentials – 

  • Your Name – Enter your full name here.
  • Username – Enter a username for your account.
  • Account Email – Enter your preferred email address here.
  • Payment Email – Enter an email that is connected to the transaction (i.e. your email address for PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Skrill, etc)
  • Website URL – Enter the URL of your website or blog for affiliation.
  • How will you promote us – Describe the process of promoting our products.
  • Password – Enter a password for your account.
  • Confirm Password – Confirm the password for your account.

After giving the credentials, hit the ‘Register’ button.

affiliate area code astrology

And if you are already registered, then you can log in by entering your username and password.

affiliate area code astrology

Affiliate URLs

After successful login, you will land on the “Affiliate URLs” tab where you can generate referral URLs for affiliation. Just enter the product link in the “Page URL” field to get the referral URL. And you can also enter the campaign name if you want.

There are 3 products for affiliation. They are – 

You can affiliate with any of these 3 products. Just insert the link of the corresponding product in the Page URL field and click on “Generate URL”.  If everything goes right, we will get an affiliate ID and referral URL. 

For example, if you want to affiliate with UltraAddons, you need to insert ( and hit the “Generate URL” button.

affiliate area code astrology

After sometime, you will get your affiliate ID and referral URL like below – 

affiliate area code astrology

You can copy this referral link and apply it to your convenient (like blogs, social media places, YouTube videos, etc) places for affiliation.


You will get overall statistics in this section. You will know several things here like the number of Unpaid Referrals, the number of Paid Referrals, number of Visits, Conversion Rate, Unpaid Earnings, Paid Earnings, Commission Rate, and so on.

affiliate area code astrology


In the ‘Graphs’ section, you will get a graphical presentation of the Statistics. The graph will show your Unpaid Referral Earnings, Pending Referral Earnings, Rejected Referral Earnings and Paid Referral Earnings.

affiliate area code astrology

You can also filter the results based on months, weeks, days, quarters, or your custom time. To get a graphical presentation based on a custom time, you need to select the starting date and the end date. Finally, click the ‘Filter’ button to see the result.

affiliate area code astrology


Here, you will get an overview of all the referrals. If you haven’t made any referrals, then you will get a message like the below –

affiliate area code astrology


Here, you can see the payouts for your referrals. If you couldn’t generate any payout from your referrals, then you will notice a message like the below – 

affiliate area code astrology


In this section, you can see how visitors have clicked on your referral links. If a visitor does not click on any of your referral links, you will receive the following message –

affiliate area code astrology


In the ‘Creatives’ section, you will get to see your creations and campaigns for promoting products.

affiliate area code astrology


This is actually the “Payout Settings” area, where you need to configure the settings for payment. If you already have a Payout Service account, then the process is much easier. All you need to do is send the Payment email address and we will send you a link for further procedure. 

affiliate area code astrology

If you would like to get notifications, then enter your Payment Email address under the “Profile Settings” field. To get notifications from the new referral, make sure you check the option under the “Notification Settings”.

Once everything is done, click on the “Save Profile Settings” button.

Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

Extra Payment Method 

Once you click this tab, you will land on the Additional Payment Method. Here, you can choose your preferred payment method. Here are the fields under this section –

Choose Method – By default, Bank/Wire Transfer will be selected. You can select other options like Skrill or bKash. The layout of this section will be changed according to the type of transaction.

When Bank/Wire Transfer is selected, you have to fill up the followings – 

  • Bank Name – Enter the name of your bank
  • Account Number – Enter your account number
  • A/C Holder Name – Either enter your name (if the account is yours) or the account holder’s name
  • Branch Name – Enter the branch name of the bank
  • SWIFT Code – Enter the SWIFT code of the bank (If you don’t know the SWIFT code, call customer support or visit the official website of your bank).
Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

That said, when Skrill is selected, you have to provide your Skrill email address.

Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

Similarly, when bKash is selected, you have to enter your preferred bKash mobile number to get paid.

Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

So, determine the way you feel comfortable getting paid and don’t forget to press the ‘Save’ button after confirming all the information.

Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

If you want to log out from your account, then click the “Log out” section.

Affiliate Marketer for Code Astrology

This is it for this tutorial, we hope you have understood the whole process. Thank you.