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    I want to show different product table based on different category in different pages. Is there any way ?
    For ex. I want to show “A” category products in page “X” and “B” category products in page “Y”. Please give instructions.


    Yes. Definitely there is a way. You can show your products in the table according to your selected categories. To do this go to —

    [Since 4.2]  Dashboard->PRODUCT TABLE > Add New Shotcode Or Edit existing shortcode . Follow the process bellow and save the post.

    [Before 4.2] Dashboard->Product Table->Shortcode Generator

    Process: Click on the Basics tab.You will find there a field named “Category Includes” . Just click on that field and select your category which you want to show. then click publish/update button OR[And finally generate the shortcode.]Before 4.2 only

    See screenshot here for new version

    Balasaheb deshmukh

    how to filter by vendor

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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