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    Ray Owens

    The color of the quantity box is exactly the same as the alternating row color. It makes the quantity box difficult to see as it blends into the background. How do I change the color of the quantity selector *and / or* the row colors?

    Some of my product descriptions are VERY wordy. I would like the vertical align element to be at the top instead of the middle. How can I accomplish that?

    Here’s the page I’m trying to “fix”:

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    Ray Owens

    I got the color problem . . . kinda solved. I changed the background color. Be nice to have an option to do alternating colors for the rows. Is that an option I’ve missed?

    Would still like to align all the rows vertically to the top.


    Is there *any* way to make the footer cart per persistent? Be on *all* pages / product lists, whether the table is being used or not?

    For example, there’s no need to create a page for a single product:

    But I can’t figure out how to get the footer cart to be present on a page where there’s no table code. Is it possible?

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    Ray Owens


    I have given up on trying to put the footer cart on all page. Rather, now I’m trying to disable it everywhere it appears.

    I go into Configure, change Footer Cart Option to Always Hide. Hit Submit. The system changes it back to “Always Show.”

    I’ve done this MULTIPLE times and I get the same result each time.

    I only have two product tables set up. There doesn’t appear to be *any* settings within the actual tables to control the footer cart.

    Would appreciate an answer to this question AND the vertical-align-top question.

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    Developer AbuHena

    Thanks for creating a topic.
    The footer cart only appears where the table is placed.
    I don’t see any table in your site.
    If you want share you site credentials and get support , please create a ticket with your issue..


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