WooCommerce Min Max Quantity and Step Control is the best plugin to customize Quantity step and Step control in WooCommerce

To increase your sale on WooCommerce site use this plugin. It will allow you to customize the step quantity and step control for all types of products. This plugin works on all pages like shop page, archive page and product page. Besides it works with all types of products like simple, variable, grouped. All themes supported.

Plugin’s Features

WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control

With this awesome plugin you can define quantity of your products and also can set indivusal quantity of every different single product.

All Themes supported

We’ve checked this plugin with a variety of themes and confident that it will also work with your theme.

Quantity Steps For Single Product

If you set an individual quantity for a single product then the Quantity Steps For Single Product will override the global value for quantity steps.

Quantity Steps For All Product (Global)

If you set a quantity for all products. Then the Quantity Steps for all Product will be taken from this given value.

Filter max/min number of product (Global)

When you select, Minimum Quantity of product in the Dashboard of plugins setting, all products minimum quantity will be taken from that given value. Similarly you can select the Maximum Quantity of products to be added to cart from plugin settings.

Filter Max/Min number of product (Single Product)

You can change the default value of Min/Max number of product for any product you want. Just head over to product page and set the value for the individual product.

Working on the cart page

Quantity validation will also work on the cart page while update the product on cart.

Compatible with “Woo Product Table Pro” plugin

With WooCommerce Min Max Step Quantity you can set the quantity steps in Woo Product Table Pro as well as in other WooCommerce plugin. By setting steps products quantity will increase or decrease according to the given number.

All Messages are customizable

You can change all the custom messages of this awesome plugin.

User friendly

Worry to operate this plugin? It’s UI is very easy to operate.