Woo Product Table Pro Features

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WooCommerce Products as Table

With Woo Product Table Pro you can show all your products or specific products in a table.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Woo Product Table Pro comes with a responsive design that is compatible with any display resolutions. You can add or remove columns as you want for mobile.

One Click Shortcode Generator

This Plugin operates with a shortcode generator, ease to use, need no programming idea. All you have to do is, generate the shortcode, copy it and paste in your desired page or post.

Select Column with Checkbox To Make Your Table

You can choose what to show in your table. To choose an info, like
Product Name/Categories/Rating just tick the checkbox, or keep uncheck

Drag and drop feature to arrange tables column position

By this feature, tables column position can easily be set as you need,
and you can do it for individual table.

Quick Buy Option

Enabling quick bye, you click on Add to Cart in a table, it will
redirect you to the Checkout page, that saves your time.

Ajax Add to Cart

When enable, your products will be added in a Mini-Cart above the table,
needs no page reload

Enable/Disable Ajax Action

Want to offer your visitor to redirect to the product page, as they
click on Add to Cart? Just disable the Ajax Action.

One Click Multi-Purchase

You can select multiple products in checkbox and add
selected products to Cart by one click, thats saves
time. Also, you may add the feature redirects to
Checkout page.

Compatible with YITH

Woo Product Table Pro is compatible with YITH
Wishlist Plugin.

Quick View

Enabling YITH, there will be a quick view options
for each product in table. Hovering on quick view,
a details info pop-up on the screen

Quote Request

Want to add a message options for each product?
Then, enable YITH and tick the quote request
checkbox in shortcut generator panel section

Well Commented Code

Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus. Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, Woo Product Table Pro is a well commented plugin,
that is suitable for developer.

All Message Customizable

You may need to change pop-up messages. In this
plugin, all messages are customizable.

Instant Search

With this option, you can search specific
category/tag which have already loaded in the the

Advance Search Box

Above the table, you may add this feature to search
any individual product within your website.

Page Load For Pagination

Page load option available, below the table, that
enables to load more products in the table.

Mini Filtering Option

Right above the table there is a mini filter
available to filter the products via category/tag
that have already loaded in the table.

Mini Cart in Each Table

When a product is added to cart it stacked in a
mini cart, in which product is shown above the
table. Multiple products can be added this way.
Then, you can checkout all the selected products

Compatible with WCK:

This plugin works smoothly with WCK, that added the
feature of using custom fields and many more.

Custom Taxonomy Support as column in Table

This plugin supports custom taxonomy, that assigns
product as column in a table.y.

Custom Fields Support as column in Table

Enabling WCK plugin, custom fields can be added
that are shown in table as a row

Custom message send for Each product

You may offer a message section for each product in
the table.

Product Variation Supported in Table

You may have a product of different variation like
color or size, then you can show all the variation
in product table.

Front-end Live search also with Menu Order

Woo Product Table Pro has the live search feature, that needs no page reload. When you type a keyword in search box, then the matching products for the keyword assigns as menu order.

Mini-Cart show/hide and customize

You can set the mini-cart top/bottom of the table. Also you can hide, if you want

All types Message is customizable

You may need customize your message for user, Woo Product Table Pro offers you this feature to customize your message.

Thumbs image LightBox

Thumbs image lightbox is already added in this plugin. So you needn’t additional plugin to add the feature.

Mini-filter taxonomy Sorting

There is a mini-filter available above the table, that can filter your products assigns with taxonomy sorting.

Advance Searchbox taxonomy Sorting

Like mini-filter taxonomy sorting, you can offer this in your advanced searchbox. When enable, your products will assign as taxonomy order.

Able Add/Remove Product category/tag’s link from Table

You can add product category/tag’s link or remove it in the table as you want.

Customizable Each Table Differently

Through shortcode generator, you may customize each table or specific table differently.

Table Headers Are Customizable

All the table headers in the table can be edited, needs no coding. Just input the preferred text in shortcode generator panel.

Happy Clients

Great Customer Support,, excellent Plugin! works so smoothly along woocommerce carts as well! Highly recommended.


I invested a lot of time and money to be able to display product tables in woocommerce. One of my goals was to be able to create a table for each category because of a very complex product stock. (Every category has different attributes that have to be shown in the table.) With this plugin i was able to solve all my problems. In combination with the plugin Advanced Custom Fields everything is possible. Best thing of all is the support. I got in touch with Saiful and he helped me out in seconds. And some requests i had were implemented in the last version (after 1 day!!) Absolutely great.


The plugin is very customizable and easy to use.
Customer support one of the best, fast and friendly.

Highly Recommended plugin!


This is a very basic product table plugin. If that’s all you’re wanting, that’s fine. It doesn’t remember your settings and, when upgrades come through, you can’t just accept them via the WordPress plugin panel. Help is okay but takes a little too long – as a business person, I just want to get my website launched now. Some of the responses to my emails have been too brief – e.g. “yes” but no help unless I email again. This is a great plugin in the making but it needs more work if it’s to really compete well.

frand0457 https://codecanyon.net/ratings/2892207

Great support. Great plugin.