WooCommerce: Sell Anything Any Where


WooCommerce is an easiest free e-commerce that helps to sell your product via online. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin. This plugin designed for small-to-large size merchants who maintain their business via online WordPress sites.  It’s free WordPress plugin that has additional features available as extension. You can manage your inventory and shipping and take secure payments by this plugin. You get 100% control of your data. E-Commerce is the most popular plugins. And across all websites WooCommerce is the solution that powering 42% for all line store. This Plugin is completely free for everyone. Anyone can use it and modify it. Today, it’s become very popular because of its simplicity and user friendly customization.

Plugin Author: Mike Jolley, Jamers Koster.
Developers: Automattic.
Launched: 27 September, 2011.
Written in: PHP.
Type: e-commerce.


A number of high traffic websites used WooCommerce like – Small Press Expo. Among the e-commerce sites 30% run by WooCommerce. And millions of active installs in 2015. In 2018, WooCommerce become most popular plugin. Because it has 39 million downloads and currently active on more than three million websites. You can get everything about e-Commerce by this plugin. For any store e-commerce is ideal.


  • 1135 WooCommerce themes are available on ThemeForest.
  • 548 WooCommerce themes are store on WordPress.org theme directory.
  • 240 WooCommerce themes are available on Mojo Themes.


  • You can sell anything like – physical and digital goods in any shape or size.
  • You can add unlimited images and products in your online store.
  • You can get free shipping, real-time calculations. You can also limit to specific countries shipments.
  • You can also get the opportunities to accept payment with cash on delivery, paypal, bank transfer or major credit cards.
  • You can get complete control of your sites. Just one click to refunds, gust checkout and customer accounts.
  • You can customize store location with language, currency and measurement units.
  • You can define your sites style with Storefornt that are the free WordPress theme available at WooCommerce.

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E-commerce: A new door of Business

E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) becomes popular today. Many people who are even not thought about doing business, are now trying to involve into e-commerce. E-commerce is the easy, smart process that actually attracts the people.

E-commerce is buying and selling products on the online platform or using internet. You can use your personal computer, laptop even mobile for operating your daily business work. In e-commerce you need not mandatory office room or employees. You can handle all the transactions by setting your home. Today, e-commerce creates a wide market place and anyone like – small businessman, freelancers or even though large corporation knocking the door of e-commerce. Therefore, in global economy e-commerce is now fastest growing industries and every year it grows 23%.

E-Commerce Models

There are four main categories of Electronic Commerce. Its transactions involve simple classification. So, the four basic electronic commerce models are given below –

  1. B2B (Business to Consumer) – In business to business transactions companies doing business with business. In this process the final consumer is not involve. It’s only involving manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers and so on.
  2. B2C (Business to Consumer) – In the process of business to consumer the company directly sell their products to the consumers by using their personal websites or using internet. Like – Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart and so on.
  3. C2C (Consumer to Consumer) – In this process the consumer directly contract with other consumers. It helps general people to buy and sell their personal products like – OLX, Quikr, Bikroy.com and many like this.
  4. C2B (Consumer to Business) – In Consumer to Business process consumers provide products for sell to the company. like– IT freelancer

Top E-commerce builder site – Wix.com, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Weebly, Volusion, 3dcart

Why people think about E Commerce

  • Scope of business is huge. People can reach a wider market place as well as remove the geographical barrier.
  • Transactional cost would be lower. In addition, people can possible get higher margin.
  • Quick response to customer can possible that can saves your times, money and energy.
  • Serve customers 24 hours. That actually helps to engage with the customers all the time.