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    Egor Che

    Hi, I’ve tested the free version of plugin and encountered some problems:
    1. The action button does not work. The wheel spins constantly and item is not added to cart. When page is reloaded the item appears in cart.
    2. Number increment buttons does not work while clicking on them. Only after page reloading there is an effect as added products in the cart.
    3. The footer cart icon is not updated dynamically, only after page reloading
    4. The text “required” is shown above the table.

    Please inform me how to solve these problems?

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    Those issues shouldn’t be happened.I think something is wrong with your site. Can you send here your site link as well table page link ?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Egor Che

    Thank you for reply!
    I’m using customized Woocommerce and WP theme. It’s Sales zone As far as I understand there is some
    incompatibility between the plugin and the theme. I’ve checked and found it out that plugin works perfectly on the basic Woocommerce platform.
    The link is
    Is it possible to solve this issue?

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    The SalesZone theme have javascript issue. Please contact with the theme author to fix this . You can see the issue here .
    N:B: Our product table plugin works with all of the well developed theme.

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    Egor Che

    Thank you. Its no doubt that your plugin is great! May be you have any idea what I can change instantly to make the plugin works under this theme?

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    Listen, it’s all about development knowledge.Needs to find why this error happening. You can contact with the theme author or you can fix it yourself if you have development knowledge. OR you you can buy the pro version of our product table plugin to get full support. If you buy then we can fix it for you. I hope you got cleared now.

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    Egor Che

    I take your point, thanx

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    You’re most welcome.

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    when page is reloaded the item appears in cart ? How we can make it auto?

    Thanks for response

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