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Set Values To The Product Individually

You can set values for all products globally. The same values will apply to all products.

You can set values by taxonomies. (Category, Tag) In that case min, max, and step values will apply only to chosen taxonomies.

Also, you can set values for each product individually. Then product label values will override Global and Taxonomies values.

Set Values Individually

To set values, Edit any product and go to the Product Data section. You will see a new option ‘Min Max & Step’.

We are going to set product’s

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Quantity Step
  • Default Quantity

Minimum Quantity: I have set the minimum value of 5. That means customers must have to buy a minimum of 5 items. They can’t add less than 5 products to the cart.

Maximum Quantity: I have set the maximum value of 100. That means customers can buy a maximum of 100 items. They can’t add more than 100 products to the cart.

Quantity Step: Step value is 5 here. When anyone clicks on the plus button then quantity will increase by 5 as well as when someone clicks on the minus button, then quantity will decrease by 5.

Default Quantity: I have set the default value of 10. That means the product will have the default value of 10.

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