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Set values on each variation

We can set values for every variation. To set values, Edit any variable product and go to the Product Data section.

Click on Variations and you will see every variation of this product.

Now click and expand any variation and set values. You can set different values for each variation.

Control Variation Product Quantity

You can also control the variation of the product quantity limit. For example, you might want the customer can only buy a limited quantity of this product. This means the total variation quantity should be 50 or less 50. Set your maximum value in ‘Variation maximum quantity total’ input box.

You can set also a minimum value.

Limit Variation

Imagine you have 3 variations of this product and you want that customer only can buy any 2 variations. For that, set value 2 in the “Variation count limit(Optional)” input box.

Visite variable product.

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  1. How can I set up a minimum quantity for each variation but in PHP? Is it possible? thanks.

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