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WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control plugin offers to control of all products or specific products with minimum, maximum, and step of quantity. This  plugin offers to set products

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Step Quantity
  • Quantity Control for Each Variation

How to install

From version 2.0.0, we have made our “Min Max Quantity & Step Control Pro” plugin as an add-on to our free plugin “Min Max Quantity & Step Control for WooCommerce”
So from now on, our free plugin must be installed to activate “Min Max Quantity & Step Control Pro”.

So let’s start…

1. First Install our main plugin. Follow the instructions – Install Free version.

2. Now you have to download the pro plugin from the CodeAstrology Site.

After registering on our site you will get your username and password by email. Now go to my account page, and insert your username or email and password to log in.

After logging in, you can see your dashboard. All our products will be listed here which you bought from our site. From here you can download all our products:

Then Click on the “Upload Plugin” button:

Activate the newly installed Plugin:

After activation of our Min Max Quantity & Step Control Pro, You will get a Plugin activated notification on your Dashboard. (See Below Screenshot)

Now Please Follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Activate Link First Click this activate link from here.


Enter your license key: Navigate to Min Max Quantity & Step Control -> License. 

2. Active license

Insert your product license key and click on the Save button. ( It’s important ).

3. Congratulations!

If you have inserted a valid license key then will get a Congratulations message and Min Max and Step Control plugin will be activated.

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