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Global Condition On Categories

We can set conditions category-wise. To do that WooCommerce -> Min Max Step Quantity menu.

On the SETTINGS (UNIVERSAL) section, Select Categories from the “Choose Category” Option and set values.

We are going to set products

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Quantity Step
  • Default Quantity

Minimum Quantity: I have set the minimum value of 5. That means customers must have to buy a minimum of 5 items. They can’t add less than 5 products to the cart.

Maximum Quantity: I have set the maximum value of 100. That means customers can buy a maximum of 100 items. They can’t add more than 100 products to the cart.

Quantity Step: The step value is 5 here. When anyone clicks on the plus button, the quantity will increase by 5 as well and when someone clicks on the minus button, the quantity will decrease by 5.

Default Quantity: I have set the default value of 10. That means the product will have the default value of 10.

After that click the Save All button.

Video Tutorial

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