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Add Validation Messages

From the Message Tab, you can add five validation messages that include shortcodes. The available messages and their shortcodes are:

  1. Minimum Quantity Validation Message
  2. Maximum Quantity Validation Message
  3. Already Quantity Validation Message
  4. Minimum Quantity Message for Shop Page
  5. Step Validation Error Message

Available Shortcodes:

  • [current_quantity]: Displays the current quantity.
  • [min_quantity]: Displays the minimum quantity.
  • [max_quantity]: Displays the maximum quantity.
  • [product_name]: Displays the product name.
  • [step_quantity]: Displays the step quantity.
  • [inputed_quantity]: Displays the inputted quantity.
  • [variation_name]: Displays the variation name.

You can customize these messages using the shortcodes to provide clear and specific validation feedback to the users.

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