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Add cart page notice and validation messages

You can add notice and validation messages for Price, Quantity, Single, and Variable products with multiple shortcodes. The message fields for:

  • Cart Minimum Price Validation Message
  • Cart Maximum Price Validation Message
  • Cart Minimum Quantity Validation Message
  • Cart Maximum Quantity Validation Message
  • Cart Step Quantity Validation Message
  • Variation Total Maximum Quantity Message
  • Variation Total Minimum Quantity Message
  • Variation Total Count Message

List of Shortcodes:

  • [cart_min_price]
  • [cart_min_quantity]
  • [cart_max_quantity]
  • [step_quantity]
  • [vari_total_max_qty]
  • [product_name]
  • [vari_total_min_qty]
  • [vari_count_total]

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