How to create Product Variation in WooCommerce

What is Product Variation?

In WooCommerce a product may have some variations like color, size, style or anything that you may need to specify. In that case we use product variations to show the variations in product.
Now let’s see how to add product variations.


Step 1: Set product type

From Dashboard navigate to Dashboard->Product->Add New (or Edit for an existing one) and in the text-box type the product name.

add product
Add product

Head over to Product data and from the box select Variable Product.

variable product
Set variable product

Step 2: Add Attributes

Now head over to attributes tab and click Add.

save attributes
Add attributes

Then type the attribute name and give the value in text-field. Separate each value with “|”.

Save arrributes
Save attributes

Add more attributes in this way like size or style and click on Save Attributes.

Step 3: Create variation from Attributes

Now click on Variation and from Add Variation text-box select Create variations from all attributes. If you input only one attributes then select that from Add variation text-box. Finally click on Go.

Create variation from Attributes
Create variation from Attributes

Step 4: Select images for product variations

Now click on expand variation.

expand variation
Expand variation

Then click on upload image icon. Head over to Upload files->Select Files and here select the images for product variations. Finally click Set Variation Image.

upload variation image
Upload variation image

You will be given a number of variation. Set the variation images for all the individual variation.

Add product image

Click on Set product image and select anyone from the uploaded images for this product variation.

Step 5: Set Regular Price

Now from the Add Variation text-box select Set regular prices and click go.

Set regular price
Set regular price

Set the value for regular price and click OK.

Enter price value
Enter price value

Select the SKU for each product in ordinal number one by one. Tick the checkbox of Manage Stock and input the number of products available in Stock Quantity.

Manage SKU and stock
Manage SKU and stock

Select Category

Now select the category. click on +Add new category and input the name in the text-box and click Add new category.

select category
Select category

Select Tag

Also create the Product Tag. Input in the Product Tag name in the text-area and click Add.

product tag
Select tag

Finally publish the page. Click on View Page. Your product page may look like this.

View product

If you use Woo Product Table Pro plugin your products in the table may look like.



Some other feature of this plugin:

  • WooCommerce Products as Table
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Mini Cart in Each Table
  • One Click Shortcode Generator
  • Select Column with Checkbox To Make Your Table
  • Enable/Disable Ajax Action
  • Quick Buy Option
  • Custom Fields Supports column in Table
  • Best Customer Support

I hope you’ve got the task adding  product variation in WooCommerce. Using product table plugin you can show your WooCommerce products in a table view. You can visit to see how does Woo Product Table Pro works.

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