How to Add an Image to WordPress Sidebar Widget

How to Add an Image to WordPress Sidebar Widget

Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) across the web. But, the beginner sometimes falls trouble in doing basic task in WordPress. Adding an image to sidebar Widget is one of those issues that beginner googling to learn. In this article I’ll show you how to add an image to your WordPress Sidebar Widget.

Adding an Image to WordPress Sidebar Widget can be done in three ways.

  • By WordPress Image Widget
  • By WordPress Text Widget
  • Using a Plugin

I’ll discuss all the three methods here.

Method 1: Adding Image By Image Widget

Adding an image by image widget is available from WordPress 4.8 which is as simple as adding a media files to your sites.

First of all, head over to your Dashboard->Appearance->Customize


Adding an Image to WordPress Sidebar Widget


Then click on Widgets.


Configuring Widget


Now select the Sidebar. Remember here, sidebar varies with themes.


Select Sidebar


Now, select Image to show image in Sidebar Widget.


Select Images for Sidebar Widget


Now select the Image that you want to show in Sidebar Widget. Now, there are three ways to show image. Like – you can show image

  • From a link of your site or others
  • By uploading a new Image or
  • By using an existing image from your Media Library


I’m showing you three ways to set Image. First of all select the Image Title.


Select Image


Adding Image From Link

Click on Add Image Button.


Add Image From Link


Now click on Insert from URL


Click On Insert from URL


Now Insert your URL here.


Insert your image URL


And click on Add to Widget button at the bottom of the screen. Finally, Publish the Widget.

Adding a New Image From Desktop

Click on Add Image and go to Upload Files->Select Files

And from here choose your files from your desktop.


Upload New Image From Desktop


Then select the files from your local drive and upload the picture.

Use an existing image from your Media Library

You can use Image from existing media library of your site. Click on Add Image button.


Add Image From Link


Then click on Media Library and select the image you want to show in Sidebar Widget.


Add Image From Media Library


Method 2: Adding Image By Text Widget

You can also add image to your sidebar by Text Widget. Head over to Appearance->Widgets


Add Image By Text Widget


Then click on Text and select the sidebar where you want to show Image.

Remember: The sidebar varies with your WordPress themes.


Add Image By Text Sidebar Widget


After selecting sidebar click on Add Widget button. Now select your Text Title, Text Description and then click on Add Media Button to add Image.


Edit details


Now select your Image. Here you select your Image from a link, upload a new one or choose from your media library(See above). I’m showing here uploading a new image from local drive.


Select Image File


After selecting Image file select Image Title, Alt and Description. Then click on Insert Into Post button.

Upload Image

And finally Save the Widget.


Save Image Widget


Method 1: Adding Image By Plugin

You can add Image to Sidebar Widget using Plugin. There are a few Plugin to add Image on Sidebar Widget. I recommend using Image Widget for this action.

See How to Manage a WordPress Plugin to learn about installing a WP Plugin.


Install Image Widget Plugin


Now, go to Appearance->Widget


Add Image By Text Widget


Now, select the Sidebar Widget Position.


Install Image Widget Plugin


Click on select Image button from Default Sidebar option.


Select Image


Now select the Image from your Media Library or Upload a new one. Edit the details of the image.


Edit details


Finally, Save the Widget.

I hope this article will help you to add an Image to WordPress Sidebar Widget easily. If you like this article you may also like Code Astrology Blog.


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