Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro

Product Table plugin helps you to display your WooCommerce products in a searchable table layout with filters. Add a table on any page or post via a shortcode. You can create tables as many as you want.
Create a table for restaurant order systems, Online music sales, Mobile Wholesale, Course Booking, Selling books, and many more.

Plugin’s main features

Drag and Drop
We have a rich column list. Such as product Titles, Attributes, thumbnails, quantity, short messages, variation, and many more. Users can show or hide multiple columns with one click. Also easily can Change position by drag and drop.

Design Customizable
We have some pre-built design templates. You can switch between design templates to change table design. On the other hand, you can design pretty much table’s every section as you want. For example table header, footer, and body. You can design each column individually also.

Advance Filter (Taxonomy/cf/title)
Our most valuable feature is search & filter. Customers can filter products by taxonomy or attributes like product categories, tags, colour, or size. Also can filter by any custom field data. Have the option to search from specific areas. ( Only from SKU or price ).  Also, you can use a mini-filter that filters only current page products.

Override Archive page
This is an awesome feature of our plugin. you can display your table on your archive pages.
You can display a table on every archive page or you can choose some specific archive pages to display particular tables. All you have to do is, select and turn on the table for archive pages.

Quick Cart Update
Add a product to the cart, you don’t have to click any button anymore. You just need to update the quantity and that product will automatically add to the cart. The cart will auto-update by Increasing or decreasing quantity.

Dozens of Integration
We have integrated our plugin with the necessary plugins. By default, it supports most of the plugins. On the other hand, you can turn on our third-party plugin support feature to make them work with our plugin.

Export & Import
This is an important feature of our table. You can easily create a table as it is shown on our demo site by importing that table’s encoded code. Also can export your table data as well.

Developer Friendly
We provide our plugin’s complete control to the developers. You can pass query arguments by shortcode attributes. We have tons of action and filter hooks, so you have the power to customize any of our plugin functionality.

Some demo table lists:

Get help from our documentation.

Our YouTube Playlist.

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