Product Sync Master Sheet Premium – Sync product with Google Sheet

Product Sync Master Sheet Premium – Sync product with Google Sheet

Introducing the Product Sync Master Plugin with Google Sheets! This handy tool simplifies WooCommerce product management by syncing products between Google Sheets and your website. Easily edit or update product information using a convenient table on Google Sheets, ensuring changes reflect on both the site and the sheet in seamless two-way sync. Stay organized and save time with this user-friendly plugin.

First, install and activate WooCommerce Plugin if you haven’t already on your website.

Steps of Activating the Product Sync Master Plugin for WooCOmmerce Product with Google Sheets:

Product Sync Master Plugin’s Settings Page:

Figure 1: Goto the Sheet Details Interface

Sheet Details

Create a Google Sheet by following link or you can use your existing Google Sheet:
Go here to Create Google Sheet.

Figure 2: Google Sheet Link.

Need your Google Spread Sheet Full URL for Product Stock Sync plugin. See following screenshot.

Figure 3: Google Sheet’s URL.

Paste the URL Link and Sheet’s Tab name and save the settings.
Remember: input spread sheet url again, If you change Sheet name. (Optional)

Figure 4: Paste the Sheet’s URL and tab Name and Save the Change.

Copy the Apps Script Code from here:

Figure 5: Copy from here.

Go to the Google Sheets and Click on Extensions > Apps Script:

Figure 6: Click on the Apps Script Code option.

Apps Script Code of Google Sheets:

Figure 7: Paste the Apps Script Code here.

Save and Run the Code and follow the Execution Log Message:

Figure 8: Save Apps Script Code and Run.

Trigger: Add Trigger for Google Sheets:

Figure 9: Add triggers.

Set Trigger Function as Link:

Figure 10: Set Trigger Function and save trigger.

Create Service JSON file and API Key:

Step 1: First Create New Project for Making Service JSON file.

Step 2: Now Create Service Account. and Choose a project.
See Screenshot:

Figure 12: Create and use the project following the credentials.

Step 3: Click at CREATE CREDENTIALS Button. See screenshot

Step 4: Need to create a service account under this project:

Figure 13: Create Credentials from here.

Set the service account name:

Figure 14: Input the name and save the account.

Step 5: Click on the Created Service Account. see screenshot.

Figure 15: Created Service Account.

Step 6: Create new key. Follow screenshot.

Figure 16: Click here to create a key.

Step 7: Create a JSON File by following this documentation:

Figure 17: JSON File creation.

Step 8: Upload your JSON file at Service File. see screenshot:

Step 9: Create API Key from this section. Click on CREATE CREDENTIALS button and then Click API Key.

Figure 18: API Key Creation.

Step 10: Copy the API Key following the screenshot:

Figure 19: API Key use.

Step 10: Paste your Copied API Key at API Key field. See screenshot.

Step 11: Enable the SHEET API Key from Enable SHEET API.

Enabled API:

Figure 21: API Enabled of the Sheet.

Step 11: Add Client Email as Editor. See following two screenshots.

Step 12: Ensure, you have already input API and Uploaded JSON file. like following screenshot.

Figure 22: Credential creation and shave the settings.

Synchronize Product’s data to the Sheet:

Figure 23: Synchronize to the Sheet.

Synchronize Done:

Figure 24: Synchronize done (All Products)

Product Sync from Site to Google Sheet:
This is Google Spread sheet is Automatic connected now with your WooCommerce Site. If you change any content from Site, Google Sheet will update and And If you change anything from Google Sheet, Automatically that info will update to your site.

Figure 25: Data of the Sheet.

Quick Edit Table from Plugin:
(You can edit WooCOmmerce Product data as a Table from here by using the Quick Edit Function, it will be an easy function to edit from the site and sheet from the site easily – 2-way Sync)

Figure 26: Plugin’s Quick edit Function.
  • | $200.0050%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $299.0057%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $509.0069%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $359.0059%
  • | $489.0059%
  • | $699.0063%

Simply share this and get an EXTRA Discount.

  • | $200.0050%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $299.0057%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $509.0069%

    Billed once per year until cancelled

  • | $359.0059%
  • | $489.0059%
  • | $699.0063%

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