Min Max Quantity & Step Control (Free)

Min Max Quantity & Step Control (Free)

Min Max Quantity & Step Control for WooCommerce plugin offers to set product’s

-> Minimum Quantity
-> Maximum Quantity
-> Step Quantity
-> Default Quantity

You can set values for all products globally. The same values will apply to all products.
You can set values by category. In this case, min, max, and step values will apply only to the chosen categories.
Also, you can set values for each product individually. Product label values will override global and category values.

Go to Woocommerce -> Min Max Step Quantity


-> Set minimum and maximum quantity and Steps for all products globally.
-> Set minimum and maximum quantity and Step conditions by categories, tags or taxonomy.
>Set product quantity step (per item or global quantity step).
-> Set product default quantity for all store products.
-> Set a different minimum/maximum quantity for each variation
-> Set decimal quantities in your store.
-> Set minimum/maximum amount restriction on the cart total.
-> Set different messages of the minimum/maximum quantity restriction.

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