How to Install WordPress Plugins

After installing WordPress successfully you need to first understand how to install plugins because it allows you to add more features in your WordPress. Today I wanna show you how to install WordPress Plugins. For this you need to follow some easy steps. Lets start ….. Step 1: Go to your WordPress website Dashboard>Plugins>Add New […]

WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control

Are you fed up with the default WooCommerce Cart Quantity? May be you want to override the WooCommerce minimum quantity or maximum quantity. Also you may need to control the step of product increment. Then read this article ‘WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control’ to control WooCommerce Cart quantity and step. There are two […]

WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for Single Products

Are you looking for a easier way to control WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for Single Products? Yes, I’m going to tell you about how to control WooCommerce Cart quantity for single products.   Why WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Single? In your WooCommerce store there may some products that customer needs to purchase […]

How to Control WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for Global Products

Do you want to change the default WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for all your products? Then read through this exclusive article. I’ll show you how to change the default value by WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Global, a totally free WordPress plugin. Why WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Global? If […]

How to Add Social Media Icons To WordPress

Do you want to increase visitors on your WordPress site? There are many ways to do that. One of them is to add a social media icons to WordPress site. It’s easiest and most important way to increase visitor on your site. In this article I’ve used Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons to create […]

How to Disable Gutenberg and Keep the WordPress Classic Editor

Do you want to disable Gutenberg and keep the WordPress Classic Editor? Go through the step by step article. WordPress 5.0 has been released. In this update WordPress has used Gutenberg as their default editor. But some users like the old Classic editor. Though Gutenberg is mainly an advanced page builder, it needs some time […]

How to Replace Gutenberg With Classic Editor

Have you upgraded your WordPress to 5.0? If yes, then you may notice some changes in the upgraded version like in the editor section. Since Gutenberg is set as default editor in the latest version of WordPress, some are trying to back to classic editor. In this step by step guide I’m going to show […]

11 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Creating a website is not a so hard at all today. There are more opensource resources now then before ever it was. one can easily make his website using a CMS without having programming idea. WordPress is one of the most favorite CMS nowadays. Its huge amount Themes and Plugins make it easier to to […]