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How to Import and Export Gutenberg Blocks

Do you know that the new blocks from Gutenberg is reusable? Yes, you can reuse the blocks in the updated version of WordPress. Today I’m going to show you how to reuse the Gutenberg blocks. So, from the last WordPress update you can see that Gutenberg block editor is set as default editor. With the changes of time […]

WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control

Are you fed up with the default WooCommerce Cart Quantity? May be you want to override the WooCommerce minimum quantity or maximum quantity. Also you may need to control the step of product increment. Then read this article ‘WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control’ to control WooCommerce Cart quantity and step. There are two […]


WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for Single Products

Are you looking for a easier way to control WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step for Single Products? Yes, I’m going to tell you about how to control WooCommerce Cart quantity for single products.   Why WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Single? In your WooCommerce store there may some products that customer needs to purchase […]


How to Add Social Media Icons To WordPress

Do you want to increase visitors on your WordPress site? There are many ways to do that. One of them is to add a social media icons to WordPress site. It’s easiest and most important way to increase visitor on your site. In this article I’ve used Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons to create […]

Change the WooCommerce Add To Cart Text

Are you fed up with the default add to cart button on your site? If yes, then follow this article. In this step by step article I’m going to show you how to change the woocommerce add to cart text. Change the WooCommerce Add To Cart Text for Single Product page You can easily change […]


Top 15 Free WordPress Themes for 2019

The present online marketplace is expanding so much rapidly. There are several marketplace for WordPress Themes. Among the marketplace WordPress Theme directory is a free one to get various Themes and plugins in free of cost. But, there are thousands of themes in WordPress. So it is difficult to choose the right theme for a […]

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Search WooCommerce Products In Product Table

In WooCommerce there are some most having feature to increase your conversion rate. All the thing you’ve to do is making the buying experience easy for your customer. When they feel comfort to buy and it becomes easier to find their desired products then they’ll visit your site to purchase. To make the purchasing experience […]

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WooCommerce Custom Taxonomy – Adding And Customizing

WooCommerce Custom Taxonomy is the feature to show extra product data based on a class. It may be your product color, size or may be style.   What is WooCommerce Custom Taxonomy/WooCommerce Custom Field? Most WordPress beginner face conflict between Custom Taxonomy and Custom Field. So let’s clear the conflict in a brief. First of […]